Unique Approach


Eduardo Gruener
Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Muricio Gruener
Co-Founder, Co-CEO
Jeff Carron
Managing Director
Santiago Peredo

Approach Overview

Fomenting an active management approach

Our unique approach to hand on asset management in all our properties ensures that our focus remains on creating enhanced value that satisfies partners and investors while establishing solid relationships with tenants, the local community, brokers, and financial partners.

Our asset management dedication delivers a concept that provides a sound plan to reduce as many unknowns as possible. In addition, Momentum’s extensive experience enables us to source and manage properties to unlock value effectively.

Why Multifamily

Renter Market
The U.S. Rentership remains at levels above 35%.
Demographic Trends
Aging Millennials and Baby Boomers generation are increasing the renter population. In addition, a large Gen Z population is soon to become renters.
Rising costs of homeownership have contributed to higher levels of rentership. Households with incomes of $75,000+ have accounted for three-quarters of the growth in renters.
Broader Renter Market
Renting increased in all age groups, household types, and income levels.
Low Volatility
In the last 25 years, the highest risk-adjusted returns in real estate portfolios.
Competitive Financing
Various sources with competitive terms include Agencies, Life Co's, and CMBS.

Approach Overview

Leveraging our extensive experience

As seasoned professionals, we seek to place each asset in a favorable position to maximize the value of each and every asset we own.

Our reputation for execution capability, reliability, and integrity, alongside our outstanding track record of successful real estate investing, is reflected in our hands-on approach. We are committed to being involved in every step of the ownership process, from acquisition to leasing to property management.

Key pillars of our operating approach include:

Reporting and Financial Analysis

Hands-on Management

Continuous Improvement

Leveraging Key Relationships

Approach Overview

Proactive bespoke management for each investment

We remain intimately involved in each investment, mitigating potential risks and maximizing returns for our investors.


Site Visits

Announced and unannounced visits establish corporate culture and pulse of the submarket.


Weekly Calls

Checking occupancy trends, pricing, specials, delinquencies, maintenance, relevant news, and market trends


Review Results

Monthly and quarterly financial review, and approval of yearly budgets


Periodic Reports

Proprietary formats allow measuring and benchmarking of asset performance over time to plan accordingly.

Strategy Overview

Smarter strategies. Smarter real estate investing.

Our acquisition and asset management strategy drives our investment strategy.

Our strategy is designed to mitigate investment risks during economic downturns and enhance cash flow from operations during expansion periods. Additionally, our investment approach seeks to place each asset in a favorable position to maximize capital appreciation during the disposition phase. 

Primarily, the company intends to:

We carefully select a diversified portfolio of well-located quality properties.

From rental distributions on a quarterly basis.

Upon liquidation of assets throughout the life of the Company.

2111 Old Holzwarth Rd
Jefferson Westshore
6608 South Westshore Blvd
Legacy Point
1901 N.E. Green Oaks Blvd
Vintage at Plantation Bay
7740 Plantation Bay Dr

Our Strategy

Our target investments

Momentums target deal sizes between $20 to $100M on project value.

Additionally, we pursue a broad range of multifamily asset types throughout the U.S.

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